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Experimental Components


Before you can begin experimenting with electronics, you'll need a basic set of components and tools. In the USA, all necessary components and tools can be obtained inexpensively at Radio Shack. I don't know what alternatives are available in other countries around the world, but you'll need some source of components in order to perform these experiments in person. In any case, Radio Shack is my source for the specific items listed on this page.

Where possible, I've obtained items in bulk packages. They are common components and are quite satisfactory for all of these experiments. The components used in these experiments include:

If you're planning to build electronic power supplies for your experiments, you will also need the components listed on the pages for these power supplies. Refer to these separate pages for the required components and for assembly instructions of the power supplies you will need.

Note: Remember that it is better to have the power supplies and support circuitry separate from the breadboard socket, so they don't use up valuable breadboarding space.

If you're planning to build power supplies for multiple categories of experiments, select a transformer with the capacity to handle all of the power requirements. At a minimum, such a transformer might have a secondary winding rated at 25.2 volts center tapped (or 12.6-0-12.6), with at least a 1.5 Ampere capacity. That way, you can use the same breadboarding system for all of your experimental circuits.

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