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Practice With the Color Code

This page is designed to offer unlimited practice at reading and deciphering the resistor color code (which applies to other components as well). You are welcome to use this page as long as you wish, and to revisit it at any time.

To use this page, detemine the value of the resistor shown below, and type that value into the text window below the resistor. Then select the correct tolerance from the option list. Finally, click the "Verify" button to check your value. If you are correct, you will be so informed, and the resistor value will change at random. If you are not correct, you will be allowed to try again.

Values may be typed in as ohms, or with a suffix of either "k" (1k = 1000 ohms) or "M" (1M = 1,000,000 ohms). Thus, a resistance of 1,000,000 ohms may be typed in as 1000000 (don't use commas), 1000k, 1M, or 1.0M. All of these entries represent the same total resistance, and will be accepted.

Stripe 1

Stripe 2

Stripe 3

Stripe 4

Enter resistance value here:  

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